Environmental justice

Overview of issues

SGI brings a distinct perspective to the discussion of environmental questions, by lifting up the moral dimensions of these issues and the needs of the most vulnerable among us. This unique contribution is rooted in the Scriptural call for us to care for creation and for “the least of these.” (Mt 25:40) It is the search for a just solution to the disproportionate burdens of environmental degradation borne by the poor and people of color. Because they lack both the resources and political power, poor and minority populations are more vulnerable to the environmental degradation and health and safety risks that may result from living near heavy industrial areas or transport lines. ICCR members encourage companies operating in heavily impacted communities to consult with local community groups and to implement plans to mitigate and remedy the adverse impacts of their operations.

SGI’s engagement

SGI members have led the ICCR shareholder group focused on the safety of rail transport of hazardous cargo. The exponential increase in crude oil shipments by rail and resultant accidents has brought this issue to the attention of the public, especially communities who live close to the main rail lines. In addition to shippers of hazardous cargo and rail carriers, ICCR members have engaged these local communities most impacted and state and federal regulators of the rail industry.

SGI shareholder resolutions