We are pleased to share with you our educational curriculum on the garment industry. For the development of the Primary, Intermediate, and Advanced editions, we are grateful to Anne Haines. We are also thankful for the careful review of the materials by Dr. Robert Pavlik.


Each set of three lessons is sufficiently developed for experienced and inexperienced teachers to implement with two to four hours of preparation:

  • Studying the one to two-page overview and the three lessons as presented.
  • Studying the recommended websites, Scripture citations and contexts.
  • Identifying potential questions, and rehearsing answers, e.g., What does image of God mean?
  • Making adaptations if needed.
  • Preparing materials, and securing supplies and equipment as needed.
  • Rehearsing ways to teach the vocabulary for understanding.





For adults, we have elaborated several lesson plans for use with Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults, human concerns committees, or general parish formation. Some of our resources include:

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Participate in a free online course developed by the University of Exeter and Fashion Revolution: Who Made My Clothes?