Water Stewardship

Overview of issues

Water stewardship, in corporate life, means understanding the risks faced from water scarcity and pollution, and taking action to help ensure sustainable water management. In its plainest sense, water is a shared, public resource.

SGI members have deep concerns for corporate water sustainability and respect for the human right to water. The School Sisters of Notre Dame, for instance, have sponsored Global Partners: Running Waters for more than a decade.  In 2017, the Congregation of St. Agnes sponsored two shareholder resolutions to address corporate water risk throughout agricultural supply chains.

There is an old Irish adage: “Ní chailleann tú an t-uisce go deo go ritheann an tobar tirim.” It translates to: “You never miss the water until the well runs dry.” As SGI’s members have undertaken efforts to educate themselves on issues related to water, SGI also strives to raise awareness among corporations and shareholders about the increasing scarcity of water resources, to ensure that corporations take responsible actions to limit and restrict the pollution and overuse of water, and to address issues of control and privatization. Additionally SGI supports other ICCR members in their work with international corporations purchasing water rights globally.

SGI’s engagement

SGI Shareholder Resolutions