SGI seeks to provide resources to its Members and the Responsible Investing Community that will support their shareholder engagement, investment processes, or commitment to socially responsible investment.

  • Sustainable & Responsible Mutual Fund Chart from US SIF (The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment). The Mutual Fund Performance Chart displays all sustainable and responsible mutual funds offered by US SIF’s institutional member firms. This public tool is meant for individual investors to compare cost, financial performance, screens and voting records of competing funds. All listed funds are open to new investors.
  • Deforestation Free Funds. From As You Sow, this tool gives a grade to 3,000 of the most popular mutual funds and ETFs based on their holdings of companies exposed to pulp and paper, cattle, soy, timber, and rubber along with palm oil. It assesses (1) direct commodity producers and traders, (2) manufacturers who utilize these commodities as ingredients, and (3) banks and lenders who are linked to these commodities via lending and underwriting. It integrates with their screens for fossil fuels, gender equality, civilian firearms, military weapons, and tobacco.
  • Fossil Free Funds. Are your savings invested in fossil fuels? Search for mutual funds from your portfolio or retirement plan and find the fossil fuels hidden within, a resource from As You Sow.
  • Gun Free Funds. Are your savings invested in fire arms? Find sustainable, gun free mutual funds and ETFs, a resource from As You Sow.
  • Gender Equality Funds. Another resource from As You Sow, this website promotes gender equality in the workplace. The website analyzes the companies inside popular mutual funds and tracks the gender balance of company leadership and workforce. Each fund gets a gender balance score based on how the companies it invests in stack up on criteria including: The gender balance of the board of directors, the gender balance of corporate executives and senior management, the gender balance of the overall workforce, and the gender ratio of management compared to total employees.
  • Morningstar Sustainability Rating™. This tool is a means for investors to evaluate how well the companies in a fund’s portfolio are managing the environmental, social, and governance—or ESG—investing factors relevant to their industries. It makes it possible to find sustainable funds even if not marketed specifically as products that support a socially responsible investing approach.
  • ICCR Guide to Proxy Resolutions. This guide explains the basics in 27 PowerPoint slides: why file a resolution, filing procedures, critical dates, next steps, the filing packet, cover letter tips, verifying stock ownership, structure and content of resolutions, co-filing and collaboration, and beyond.
  • ICCR’s Shareholder Advocacy Learning Center. To view this material, readers need to login to the ICCR members’ area. Filled with a wealth of tools  and valuable resources, it is a great introduction to ICCR and shareholder advocacy.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Shareholder Proposal and Proxy Access. From Scott Lesmes, Partner, in the Corporate Group at Morrison & Foerster LLP, this is a helpful resource that responds to common questions.
  • Yahoo Finance. For many companies and mutual funds, Yahoo Finance now provides a sustainability score. For instance, here is the score for Apple. To find this rating, if available, for a fund or a company, simply search in Yahoo Finance for the company. Arriving at the company screen, on the far right is a tab for “Sustainability.”
  • ProxyDemocracy. The website tracks how fund managers vote their proxies.

Incorporating ESG/ SRI Strategies

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