Public policy advocacy

Although SRI members focus on direct engagement with corporations and investors, members also engage in limited public policy advocacy. Many issues, such as climate change and human trafficking, are systemic in nature. These issues cannot be adequately addressed without changes to public policy. SGI members believe that the perspective of faith-based investors needs greater visibility in public policy debates and can be critical in advancing social justice and environmental sustainability.

SGI public policy advocacy currently focuses on climate change, sustainable agriculture, supply chain human rights, healthcare, and income disparity. SGI members participate in statements and letters that are endorsed by large groups of institutional investors to underscore the importance of these issues or to flag a specific action investors are requesting from a company, sector, or public official. Often, but not always, these statements and letters are made public. Members will contact legislators or the community about issues of importance to the SGI mission and, when appropriate, ask legislators or the community to support a specific bill. SGI’s 501(c)(3) public charities nonprofit status prohibits us from endorsing a candidate or political party.