SGI Webinar Recording: Member Orientation

This morning, we hosted a webinar for member orientation. Let’s begin by offering thanks to Sr. Nora Nash, OSF and Tom McCaney of PA-CRI for joining us. Also, we are thankful to Mark Peters, Director of Justice, Peace and Reconciliation, ‎Priests of the Sacred Heart and SGI board member, who shared of his experience as a member. Thanks, too, to all of our members who joined us as well as those who will watch the webinar here.

We hope that webinar:

  • Inspires confidence that our work in shareholder advocacy can make a difference on important issues
  • Provides examples of how shareholder advocacy is done
  • Offers a few first steps, best practices for those beginning in this ministry
  • Introduces a community of people committed to change who work alongside us

The slides from the webinar are here.

Additional recommended resources include:

Important: As always, your feedback allows us to improve our webinars. Please, follow this link to provide your input.

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