Building Investor Support for a Just and Equitable Energy Transition

SGI hosted a webinar on the Just Transition on Wednesday, May 17th. We were delighted that ICCR’s Mary Hiebert joined us along with SGI board members Tom Content and Sr. Pegge Boehm, P.B.V.M. Mary offered an overview of the just transition, a look at some of the measures, and highlighted ICCR’s efforts in this area. Tom spoke to his work on behalf of rate payers with the Citizens’ Utility Board of Wisconsin, Supporting a Just & Equitable Energy Transition. Sr. Pegge spoke to the perspective of a “Faith-ful Stockholder.”

We are so very grateful to our presenters who shared with us from their wisdom and experience.

Some resources that might be helpful to deepen awareness and understanding:

Slides are available here. The video is available here.

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